Administrative Law and Procedure

Administrative Law regulates the relations between state and local authorities, on the one hand, and individuals and legal entities, on the other. It is widely applicable in all spheres of economic activities, as well as in the exercise of rights and fulfilment of legal obligations.


Legal matters such as issuance of official documents, license procedures, appeal of imposed sanctions for committed administrative violations, etc. fall within the scope of Administrative Law.


Our lawyers have substantial theoretical training and practical experience in the field of Administrative Law and procedure and can provide You with advice and full legal assistance in connection with:


  • Representation before state and local authorities;
  • Administrative acts issuance;
  • Administrative and court appeal of administrative acts and of refusals for such acts to be issued;
  • Resumption of proceedings for administrative acts issuance;
  • Appeal of penal decrees;
  • Appeal of acts for compulsory administrative measures application;
  • Repeal of administrative acts, penal decrees and court decisions which have entered into force;
  • Appeal of actions and inactions of administrative authorities;
  • Implementation of administrative acts and court decisions which have entered into force;
  • Engaging the responsibility of the state and municipalities for damages inflicted to individuals and legal entities.