Tax Law

Tax law is a vast and dynamic legal matter which is inextricably connected to both business and day-to-day activities of individuals and legal entities since it examines the tax effects which occur as a result of business operations, acquisition of income, disposal of property, etc.


Our experience has shown that the good tax specialist should have extensive and detailed knowledge in all spheres of law, as well as a combinatorial mindset and an ability to understand the specifics of their client’s activities.


The team of the Georgiev, Ivanov, Aleksandrova & Kalistratov Law Firm has expertise both in the area of substantive tax law and in the area of the tax process.

We provide our clients with legal advice in connection with:


  • Any and all issues related to value added tax (VAT), excise duties, corporate tax, alternative taxes, personal income taxes, local taxes and fees;
  • VAT Registration;
  • Appeal of individual administrative acts of the revenue administration;
  • Objections to tax revision reports;
  • Administrative and court appeal of tax revision acts;
  • Appeal against penal decrees issued by the revenue authorities;
  • Initiated enforcement proceedings for collection of public receivables;
  • Implementation of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs);
  • Representation before the revenue administration and judicial authorities in relation to tax cases.